School Signage Never Looked So Good!

The Principal of the Holy Family Primary School approached Benga Designs with his concept to solve a School Identity problem.  How better to Brand and Identify your business than through Signage!

The Main Goal was to identify the Holy Family School as a Primary School.  It is positioned adjacent to a High School and often was confused or invisible to new parents, students, contractors, visitors and general drive through traffic. 

So, How better to Identify as a Primary School?  Upgrade your Entrance Sign and adorn your Front Fence with oversized cartoon characters of kids at play.

Benga Designs produced an Entrance Sign depicting the school logo, measuring 3000mm x 2130mm, ACM router cut rising sun template with plotter cut vinyl applied and finished with 2 Pac clear coat.   

Entrance Sign

The Front Fence was adorned with oversized Children at Play, Cartoon Characters standing 1500mm high.  These characters are made from 30ml white foam PVC which is lighter and most cost effective.  All figures dressed in the schools uniform were 2 pac clear coated to provide longevity from the harsh Queensland climate.

The Goal

To Identify Holy Family School as a Primary School setting it aside from the adjacent High School.

The Project

Design and Manufacture an Entrance Sign and Cartoon Characters to identify the school brand as a Primary School.

The Challenges – Cartoon Characters x 6

  1. Design Challenge – Create Cartoon Characters in the Holy Primary School Uniforms on double-sided figures that were all unique in pose and school activity depicted.
  2. Structural Challenge – To design the characters to be robust, sturdy and durable. 
  3. Installation Challenge – The lack of a structure to mount the Cartoon Characters on to.

The Solution

  1.  Design Solution – Our Graphic Designer worked tirelessly to modify the vector artwork to accurately represent each cartoon character in the Holy Family Primary School uniforms.   From the initial cartoon character selection, our graphic designer had to create the school uniforms to dress each character. These characters each represented a different school activity and posed in various sitting and standing positions, adding to the complexity and individual attention required for each figure.  This was relatively straight forward for the school’s striped sports shirt but identifying and replicating the tartan pattern incorporated in the dress and formal shirt proved time consuming.  Basically this required modifying all vector artwork to depict each character in the school’s uniform and then when flipping the image relocating the vertical strip on the uniform to the right hand side of the shirt.  So both the front side (visible from the street) and the back of the character (visible form the playground) replicated the uniform accurately
  2. Structural Solution – This was twofold firstly to build characters of a substantial structure to withstand and endure the rigors of children climbing or sitting on them and for them to stand alone.  Predominantly, this was solved by using an extra thick 30ml white Foam PVC product, making them oversized Secondly, the structure like all our signs in Queensland must be sealed with a protective coating to avoid UV damage to any of our signs.
  3. Installation Solution – Aluminium spacers were welded onto the footing of the Cartoon Characters to step out the figures from the fence line and enable them to be bolted onto the timber retaining wall inside the fence line.

Stand out signage is what Benga Designs is all about.  We have experienced Project Managers who can guide clients through from concept, design, and manufacture to signage installation.

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