A Nostalgic Sign from Brisbane’s past – Castrol Globe

The Castrol Globe is a nomadic sign originally located on Duncan St, Fortitude Valley ca. 1941. Followed by various homes throughout Fortitude Valley. It was relocated to Allison St, Mayne (Bowen Hills) in the mid 60’s where it remained through the 70’s an 80’s and early 2000’s. To discover more about this sign, jump on Lost Brisbane’s Facebook page. They have some interesting comments and memories of this nostalgic sign which might interest our historian followers.

In April 2020, Benga Designs a signage company based in Stafford, were seconded to refurbish the red letters for a Collectible enthusiast. He proudly displays the historic Castrol Globe sign, now located in Stone St, Stafford.

The Process involved router cut out 3mm thick white ACM letters. Two sets were produced at 600mm high x 3150mm long to read: CASTROL. Red vinyl applied to white ACM to leave a white outline resulted. To preserve the sign in our harsh Queensland sun, 2 Pack Clear coat was sprayed over the entire sign for extra protection. Each letter was carefully adhered to the rotating centre band using XTACK adhesion.

Take a look at the process and some memorable moments of the Castrol Globes nostalgic past.